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Zucchero “Back Home” / 2012 tour

November 18, 2011

With a handful of European dates left, Zucchero will end this year’s leg of the Chocabeck tour with three concerts in Reggio Emilia, his home area: on December 19, 20 and 21 Zucchero will give a special performance at the Teatro Romolo Valli – backed not just by his band but also by a 40 member gospel choir and soul legend Eddie Floyd  – perhaps best known for such classics as Knock On Wood and Raise Your Hand (Pati LaBelle has also been mentioned by Zucchero as a guest performer but is not confirmed as far as we can tell). Tickets are on sale through TicketOne.

While it looks like these shows will be the last European Chocabeck concerts, Zucchero has said in several interviews that he will play South-America, Australia and Japan in the spring of 2012.


“Il Suono Della Domenica” – Zucchero Autobio Out Nov 10

October 29, 2011


As if a full-on box set re-release of Chocabeck and the Patrick Fiori duet for the French market wasn’t enough for the upcoming Christmas shopping season, it seems like November 10 will see the release of “Il Suono della Domenica – Il Romanza Della Mia Vita” – Zucchero’s autobiography. Details are still a little sketchy so we don’t know how much of Zucchero’s life this covers and whether it was co-written with an additional author. More information as it comes in.

Chocabeck Christmas / Deluxe / French Editions

October 21, 2011

Chocabeck will be released in several new editions in Europe for the Christmas season: in Italy, a deluxe edition – featuring the original album, a second disc with the English songs released on Zucchero Who? in the UK and the US, and a DVD with videoclips for all songs – will be released next month. A special Christmas box set version will also include the album on vinyl, a poster, and a set of pictures of Zucchero. In France, meanwhile, a new edition of Chocabeck will feature a duet Patrick Fiori on Il Suono Della Domenica – translated into French as L’écho Des Dimanches.

The tracklist for the deluxe edition is as follows:

CD 1 – Italian Version
1. Un soffio caldo 2. Il suono della domenica 3. Soldati nella mia città 4. È un peccato morir 5. Vedo nero 6. Oltre le rive 7. Un uovo sodo 8. Chocabeck 9. Alla fine 10. Spicinfrin boy
11. God bless the child

CD 2 – English Version
1. Life 2. Someone else’s tears 3. Glory 4. Devil in my mirror 5. Gotta feeling
6. Spirit together 7. Too late 8. In the sky

DVD – The videos
1. Un soffio caldo 2. Il suono della domenica 3. Soldati nella mia città 4. È un peccato morir 5. Vedo nero 6. Oltre le rive 7. Un uovo sodo 8. Chocabeck 9. Alla fine 10. Spicinfrin boy
11. God bless the child 12. Someone else’s tears 13. Glory 14. Devil in my mirror
15. Gotta feeling 16. Spirit together 17. Too late 18. In the sky

Zucchero Celebrates 56th Birthday In Verona / Chocabeck US Release / Fall Tour Dates

September 26, 2011

Zucchero celebrated his 56th birthday tonight with a concert at the Arena of Verona (his 6th show there this year). With the ongoing success of Chocabeck, a sold out tour receiving rave reviews and audience responses and the major radio airplay of Vedo Nero in Italy this summer, Zucchero must have had plenty of reasons to celebrate. Meanwhile the Chocabeck World Tour is entering what could be it’s last leg -with dates in Canada, the US, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and France:


25 – ITALY, Verona – Arena

26 – ITALY, Verona – Arena


14 – CANADA, St Catharines, ON – Sean O’Sullivan Theatre

15 – CANADA, Toronto, ON – Massey Hall

16 – CANADA, Montreal, QC – St. Denis Theatre

18 – CANADA, Ottowa, ON – Centrepointe Theatre

20 – USA, Edwardsville, IL – Southern Illinois University

22 – USA, Chicago, IL – Park West

23 – USA, Cleveland, OH

25 – USA, New York, NY – Beacon Theatre

27 – USA, Cranston, RI – RI PAC

28 – USA, Collingswood, NJ – Scottish Rite

29 – USA, Boston, MA – Berklee Concert Hall



02 – NETHERLANDS, Amsterdam – Heineken Music Hall

03 – GERMANY, Leipzig – Arena

05 – GERMANY, Nuremberg – Arena

07 – ITALY, Milan – Mediolanum Forum

08 – ITALY, Milan – Mediolanum Forum

09 – ITALY, Fiera – Brescia

11 – ITALY, Perugia – Pala Evangelisti

12 – ITALY, Ancona – Pala Rossini

14 – ITALY, Acireale (CT) – PalaSport

16 – ITALY, Rome – Palalottomatica

17 – ITALY, Eboli (SA) – Pala Sele

19 – ITALY, Bologna – FuturShow Station

20 – ITALY, Firenze – Nelson Mandela Forum

21 – ITALY, Firenze – Nelson Mandela Forum

23 – ITALY, Bolzano – Pala Onda

24 – ITALY, Treviso – PalaVerde

26 – ITALY, Torino – Pala Olimpico

27 – ITALY, Torino – Pala Olimpico

29 – ITALY, Genova – 105 Stadium

30 – ITALY, Genova – 105 Stadium



01 – ITALY, Rimini – 105 Stadium

03 – ITALY, Padova – Arena Spettacoli PadovaFiere

05 – FRANCE, Paris – Le Casion de Paris

06 – GERMANY, Frankfurt – Festhalle

07 – FRANCE, Strasbourg – Palais de Congres (Salle Erasme)

09 – FRANCE, Lyon – Bourse du Travail

10 – FRANCE, Beziers – Salle Zinga Zanger

12 – FRANCE, Bordeaux – Le Femina

13 – FRANCE, Marseille – Le Silo

14 – FRANCE, Toulouse – Le Casino

16 – FRANCE, Biarritz – Gare du Midi

Meanwhile, next week sees the release of Chocabeck in the US. Decca (also responsible for the release of Zucchero Who? in the UK last spring) will release the album in two versions; the original Italian version and the English version with lyrics by Bono and Iggy Pop.

Chocabeck Tour; New Dates

June 18, 2011

A bunch of new dates for this year’s Chocabeck tour have come in, including several shows in Italy in November and the first U.S. tourdates. The begin with the former; Zucchero will perform in New York City on October 25 at the Beacon Theatre (where he performed last in 1996) and in Collingswood, NJ (just outside Philadelphia) on October 28. The show at the Beacon has already gone on sale, the Collingswood show will go on sale next week. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster.

Meanwhile, in November Zucchero will be performing in Italy on the following dates:

9 novembre: BRESCIA – FIERA
12 novembre: ANCONA – PALA ROSSINI
17 novembre: EBOLI (SA)– PALA SELE
23 novembre: BOLZANO – PALA ONDA
29 novembre: GENOVA – 105 STADIUM
1 dicembre:    RIMINI – 105 STADIUM

Tickets for these shows will go on sale next Tuesday. For more info see the website of F&P Group.

Chocabeck Tour / “Dal Missisippi al Po” / Radio Monte Carlo

June 15, 2011

The Chocabeck tour is well under way, with Zucchero and his band heading towards the outdoor European festivals. So far the tour has included some memorable performances, including of course the 5 sold out nights at the Arena in Verona. The concerts so far are divided into two blocks: the show starts with a full performance of the Chocabeck album, followed by a good helping of classic Zucchero hits. The setlist doesn’t feature any particular surprises – like the FLY and All The Best tours did – but it has seen some changes over the last few weeks, with tracks like Hi-De-Ho, Cosi Celeste, Hey Man, Un Kilo, Occhi and even Eccetera Eccetera (a song that has only been performed once – during a TV performance for Taratata prior to the Bluesugar tour) thrown in as surprises. The setlist below was the one performed during the second night in Verona:

01 Un Soffio Caldo
02 Il Suono Della Domenica
03 Soldati Nella Mia Citta
04 E Un Peccato Morir
05 Vedo Nero
06 Oltre Le Rive
07 Un Uovo Sodo
08 Chocabeck
09 Alla Fine
10 Spicinfrin Boy
11 God Bless The Child
12 Bacco Perbacco
13 Baila
14 Overdose d’Amore
15 Il Mare
16 Dune Mosse
17 Diamante
18 Il Volo
19 Occhi
20 Con le Mani
21 Solo una Sana
22 Diavolo in Me

23 Hi-Di-Ho
24 Un Kilo
25 Cosi Celeste
26 Miserere
27 X Colpa Di Chi?

The tour will roll on throughout the summer and beyond. In September, Zucchero will once again return to the Arena in Verona for 2 or 3 nights. In November, Zucchero will perform in Amsterdam (November 2, tickets on sale now) and later that month throughout Italy. More information concerning a possible US and Canadian tour in October should come in soon. Stay tuned!

Tomorrow, June 16 at 9 pm, RAI 5 will broadcast a documentary on Zucchero entitled  “Dal Mississippi al Po”. From the description it sounds like it will feature a lot of material that was included in last December’s Christmas special, though supposedly this new show will also include video shot during the concerts in Verona earlier this month.

Finally, good news for those people that have always felt that what the world was lacking was an all-Zucchero-music-all-of-the-time radiostation: starting this week Radio Monte Carlo is hosting an online 24/7 Zucchero webcast through Zucchero’s official website. Just head over to Zucchero’s site and click on the webradio play button in the right column.

Chocabeck Tour

May 11, 2011

After Saturday’s “Date Zero”, the Chocabeck World Tour had its official opening night on monday in Zurich.  The show saw Zucchero and his band (with 11 members his biggest yet) play all of the Chocabeck album in the first half of the show, and, in the second half, classic hits like Il Volo, Dune Mosse, Overdose D’Amore, and X Colpa Di Chi?. Tomorrow night the Chocabeck tour hits Paris, and, in the weeks to come, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom and five nights at the Arena in Verona.

Note: picture taken from this website.

Chocabeck Tour / Zucchero Bij Max / Zucchero Who?

May 7, 2011

Tonight will see the “Date Zero” of the Chocabeck Tour when Zucchero and his band will perform a try-out of the new tour in Jesolo. After that, it’s on to Zurich where on Monday the tour will have its official opening night – followed by shows in Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Italy. For more info about the tour check our tour section or visit the Un Po’ Di Zucchero Forum.

A few months ago Zucchero and Max Marcolini visited Dutch TV network MAX and performed an accoustic concert for a select audience. Yesterday afternoon the performance was broadcast on TV but thankfully it can also be seen online through this link. Zucchero performed 11 songs, including 4 songs from Chocabeck as well as classics such as Blu, Diamante and Il Volo.

Zucchero Who? – the English / Italian edition of Chocabeck released by Decca –  will come out on Monday. The set includes 2 discs; the original Chocabeck album and an additional disc with 9 English versions. Samples can be found on

Zucchero & Irene on DUE tonight

April 22, 2011

Tonight at 9 pm Zucchero and Irene Fornaciari will be the central figures in the show DUE on Rai 2. The show will feature several performances by both Zucchero and Irene, including tracks from Chocabeck, duet versions of Come Il Sole and Un Piccolo Aiuto, and guest performances by Nomadi and Davide van de Sfroos.

Zucchero Who? – scheduled for release in May / Chocabeck Tour

April 16, 2011

After the release of Chocabeck last year, Zucchero announced that a fully English version would follow soon. That edition – in a 2 CD set that also includes the original Italian version of the album – is set to be released on May 9 under the title “Zucchero Who?”. The tracklist includes all songs from the original albums with English lyrics by Bono, Iggy Pop and (according to at least one album description) Brian Wilson.

Meanwhile, the Chocabeck tour – which will also debut in May – will have a “Date Zero” on May 7 at the Palazzo del Turismo in Jesolo, Italy. Tickets are (for a very limited time) available through TicketOne.